exhale ….

style credits:  
on Renee
Hair: “”D!va”” -“Ruri”  (Type B)(cat’s eye) 
Eyes: CD  (gray)
Gown: –AZUL- Michela (amethys) (MVW201-Miss USA) new *review copy
Nails: Deluxe Fingernail V 4.3 By Jamman *review copy
 Pose:  EverGlow *review copy 
on Skylei
Hair: Tuty’s – Feminine Retro Pulled Up Hair (black)
Gown: AZUL – “Michela ( garnet ) MVW Miss USA 2012 *review copy
Earrings & Bracelet: Alexandar Fine Jewelry – “Skylei”
(from the “Skylei” set Made for MVW Miss Mexico 2012)
 Pose:  agp
 Location: Dermier Lamento
(special thanks to Skylei for posing with me)
* post also blogged on BOSL

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