Real life Photo…
travel photo..

This is a photo from the iPhone snap shot of the beautiful sunset I am trying to captured while I was traveling… the image came out so much like the photos I took in-world, isn’t it??  A short visit to a mid-west small town; everything is so different than the city, feels like people there smile more, walk slower, as if time stop in the lay back zone… it makes me think.. all the rushing, all the traffic, all the goals we are trying to accomplished to have a better life, are all that really worth a while?? while people in that small town seem to get that “better life” we want so easily… city life, country life??? what is the life we really want????

Never a big fame of “Forever”; I think it exist, but it is like diamond, rare and priceless, and more importantly, it is so hard to come by… We all wish for that everlasting moment, the endless affection, and that special someone… I look around; sadly I do not see much of the “forever”…   or maybe I did not look far enough?   In life, people come, people go.. at the end of the day,  you will always be the only person you are with… Love yourself a little bit more, treat yourself a little bit better, it is alright to care about self more than others.. After all,  oneself is the only forever one can’t lose, isn’t it??

Why rush?

Ever noticed people nowadays are rushing about everything…  rushing to work, to home, to get a table at the restaurant, rush on boarding and deplane… if the traffic lights changed to green, within 2 seconds lane is not moving, their will be a “hurry” honk… I often think why we are always rushing for time?  Even when we are rushing all the time, we still don’t have enough time, funny thing is we still have the same 24 hours like we always do, so where did the time goes???

Do we really want our privacy??
“Privacy” was so important to all of us, at least till “Facebook” making its blast to millions of people in the world.  All of a sudden “Privacy” doesn’t seems that important anymore.  We post our daily photos, our current location, the meals we ate, our emotions, our lives; I begin to wonder do we or don’t we really want the “Privacy”, or the privacy is just a shield?  to those things and people that we don’t want to deal with, and say “it’s private”..
I wonder.. So what is the true meaning of “Privacy” in this 21st century??