Dura, FaMESHed, flower, Gabriel, GizzA, Jamman, LeLutka, MG, Redgrave, RG, Vanity Hair

moment shared…

style credit
on Renee
   Hair: Vanity Hair: Biting The Dust (dark browns) new mesh 
Eyes: Amacci – Look Eyes (ice blue)
* Nails: Jamman  9 inch Rigged Ultra Fingernails v.5 mesh
* Dress: GizzA – Belted Dress (snake stone) new mesh 
* Necklace: MG –  Love Catcher Heart new mesh @ FaMESHed
* Ring: MG –  Venus Wild Clasp new mesh @ FaMESHed
  Pose: flower

On Brad
   Hair: DURA – Boy* 37  (black)
   Eyes: [LeLutka] – Ellis (cloud)
   Top: Egoisme  – Winter Warmer (12 texture hud) new mesh
   Pants: [*RG*] – Herringbone (steel)
   Shoes: [*RG*] – Classic Sneakers (black)mesh
  Pose: agp

All The Little Things

DeLa, Diesel Works, Dura, Gabriel, GB, Jamman, Lazuri, LG, Miamai, Poetic, Redgrave

strayed into…

style credit
on Renee
Hair: DURA – Boy* 47  (coffee ) new
* Eyes: Amacci – Look Eyes (pale green)
NailsJamman  Rigged Ultra Fingernails v.5 mesh
Dress: [LG] Boutique – [ FALL-13] I Like It Rough (hud 1) new mesh
  Jewelry: Lazuri  –Shahy (red)
  Sunglasses: =DeLa*= -“RG1” (red )
  Pose: Miamai 

on Brad 
  Hair : DURA – Boy* 37  (black)
  Eyes: Poetic – Pearl Eyes (magic forest)
  Jacket:  REDGRAVE – Tweed Coat  (dust) mesh
  Shirt:  REDGRAVE  – Classic Business-Shirt (black)
  Pants: ::GB:: – Chino Pants (orange)  new mesh
  Boots: ::GB:: – High T (red) new mesh
* Pose: Diesel Works (adam) new

Crystal Line, Dura, EMO-tions, Gabriel, GizzA, Glitterati, Jamman, LG, Poetic, Redgrave, Sleep Eddy


on Renee
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. –  * ALLEGRA * (brown-pack)
* Eyes: Amacci – Look Eyes (ice blue)
NailsJamman  Rigged Ultra Fingernails v.5 mesh
* Outfit: [LG] Boutique – [ FALL-13] Zivaah Darling Hud new mesh
* Sunglasses: GizzA – Part of the Walking on the Beach outfit
* Earrings: MG – Amalfi Silver Moon new mesh
@ FaMESHed
* Watch: GizzA – Odyssey (black) 
Hangbag: ((Crystal Line)) – Crocodile bag (red) mesh

on Brad 
Hair : DURA – Boy*37  (black)
Eyes: Poetic – Pearl Eyes (magic forest)
Top: {Sleepy Eddy}  – Turtleneck Fisherman Sweater (mustard) mesh
JeansREDGRAVE – Tube Jeans (black)  mesh
Pose: agp
Location: Home ;))

diva, Gabriel, Jamman, Maitreya, nn, Redgrave, RNP

better or worse…

on Renee

Hair: “”D!va“” –  “Flora” (cat’s eye)  
* Eyes: Amacci – Look Eyes (blue)
NailsJamman  Rigged Ultra Fingernails v.5 mesh
Jacket: [nn] –  Outdoor Jacket (6 color changing hud) mesh
Pantss: Maitreya – Leather Legging (rosewood) mesh
Boots: Armidi – Unisex Classic Moccas (black)
Pose: R-N-P

on Brad 
Hair : DURA – Boy*37  (black)
Jacket: [nn] –  Outdoor Jacket (6 color changing hud)   mesh
JeansREDGRAVE – Tube Jeans (black)  mesh
Pose: agp
Location: Home ;))

Dura, Gabriel, GizzA, Jamman, LG, Miamai, Razor, Redgrave, Vanity Hair

follow the dream …

style credit
on Renee
Hair: Vanity Hair – Sexy Kitten (ight brow) mesh
* Eyes: Amacci – Look Eyes (blue)
NailsJamman  Rigged Ultra Fingernails v.5 mesh
Jacket: [LG] Boutique – Whenever You Call new mesh
Jeans: GizzA –  Low Rise Skinny Jeans (retro blue) mesh
SunglassesMiamai – Maba (black)
* Pose: Diesel Works (sept gift)

on Brad 
Hair : DURA – Boy*37  (black)
Top: Razor – Urban Daze Jacket (black)  mesh
JeansREDGRAVE – Tube Jeans (black)  mesh
Pose: agp
Location: Home ;))

DM, Jamman, MG, Mindful Creations, monso, MPP, Redgrave

turn the corner…

style credits    
on Renee 
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Amy (ookie pack) new mesh  
* Eyes: AmacciLook Eyes (clear green) 
* Nails: Jamman Rigged Ultra Fingernail v.5  mesh 
Dress: Baiastice  – Arya dress (floral print) new mesh  
* Earrings & Bracelet: MG – Aphrodite’s Dream 
* Necklace: MG – Solar Peace 
* Pose: Mindful Creations 
(Dress, jewelrys and bench can be found at FaMESHed

on Brad  
Hair & Hat: *ARGRACE* –  Military Cap “Casual Layered” (black) 
Complete outfit: REDGRAVECargoOutfit (mike)  LQmesh 
Fliop Flop: MPP – Men FlipFlop (black)
Pose: DM 
Location: Home ;)) 

(Pose was made for me by my talented friend Good Cross, and it can be found at his store, thank you so very much GC… xx)
CCD, Gabriel, Redgrave, SAS, Sascha's Design, Vita Boudoir


style credits   
on Renee    

Hair: Boudoir – Irena hair
* Eyes: AmacciLook Eyes (ice grey)  

* Nails: Jamman Rigged Ultra Fingernail v.3 mesh 

 * Gown:  SAS Damatjo (white) new 50% mesh

* Bracelet: CCD – Haidyn 
Pose: iBang:
on Derek Z.   
Hair: Redgrave JACOB (black) 
Outfit – GB Rollup Casual Suit in Ivory
Pose: Bang 
Location: DerekZ’s sim ;)) 
(Special thanks to Derek for building me this huge set to take this one shot… xx)  
CS, DeLa, EMO-tions, ES, Gabriel, iSPACHI, Jamman, MG, Redgrave, StepinSide, Trinite


style credits   
on Renee  

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. – ANNA  (darkbrown)
* Eyes: AmacciLook Eyes (pale blue)  
Eyeshadow: – *Step inSide* – BOHO Make-up (caramel) group gift 

* Nails: Jamman Rigged Ultra Fingernail v.3 mesh   
* Bikini: Trinite  – Indi Bikini (white) new 

* Earrings:  MG – Delightful Dahlia new mesh 

* Bangles: MG – Pitch Black Dare new mesh
Shades: =DeLa= –  Sunglasses De1

on Derek Z.   
Hair: Redgrave – Chris (brown)
Shorts: CS – Urban Stripes Board Shorts (red) 
GB – Black bead necklace set 
Dutch –  Sport Sun Shades
Bracelet: TMS  – Dog Tag Arm Strap
Feet: iSPACHI –  Natural Men’s feet mesh
  Couple Pose: ES
Location: DerekZ’s Home ;))

DerekZ.s thoughts while doing this photoshoot

Derek’s skin and hair look awesome because he was at a day spa… DAY.. D….A….I….Y…E…!
Just remember.. words can only hurt you if you try and read them.  Dont’ play their game 

Emo-tion, ES, Finesmith, Jamman, L n B), Redgrave, VI


style credits   
on Renee   

Hair: .:EMO-tions * ANCHA * (black)

* Eyes: AmacciLook Eyes (pale gray) 

Eyeshadow: – belleza– Glitter Eyeshadow (silver) 

* Nails: Jamman Rigged Ultra Fingernail v.3 mesh 

* Gown: AZUL Erika (Garnet) on left new 
* Gown: AZUL Erika (Special edition – coral) new  
Jewelry: V I – Trisha  (gold and diamonds) on left mesh
Jewelry: FINESMITH – Desire (dark)

on Derek Z.    
Hair: Redgrave – Jacob (black)    
Tux: (L&B) –  Modern Black v3 mesh  
 Shirt & Vest: (L&B)AddOn Vest HUD  (desire) mesh   
Tie: (L&B) – AddOn Tie HUD (desire) mesh 
Boots: (L&B) -“Couture” Croc Ankle Boot (black)
Couple Pose: ES
Location: DerekZ’s Home ;))