Diesel Works, diva, Jamman, LAQ, LeLutka, MEILING


style credits:
Hair: “”D!va “Tomoko2” (Type A)(Cat’s eye) @ Collabor88 
Eyes: [LeLutka] – Ellis (cloud)
Nails:  Jamman – Deluxe Fingernail V 4. 5 (fantasy 2) *review copy
Dress: MEILING – Moonglow blouse and Denim Cascade Skirt new *review copy mesh
(Au Courant Style – 24 hours Collection) non mesh also available in store
BrodyM, GK, Jamman, LAQ, LeLutka, MEILING


style credits:
Hair: Dura- Boy 21 (black) *review copy
Eyes: [LeLutka] – Ellis (cloud)
Nails:  Jamman – Deluxe Fingernail V 4. 5 (fantasy 2) *review copy
Eyeliner: –Belleza– Eyeliners (#2) FLF item
Dress: MEILING – Blue of Devils  new *review copy mesh pants
(Au Courant Style – 24 hours Collection)
Earrings: GK – Promise of love (store closed)
Pose: BrodyM *review copy
(stay tune for Brody’s in world store)
Location: Eury’s Island
Special thanks to Eury for letting me shoot at her amazing island… xx 
Special thanks also to Brody for showing me the wonderful poses, looking forward to the store opens… xx
DeLa, Diesel Works, Jamman, LAQ, LeLutka, Long Awkward Pose, MEILING, Truth

body double …

A message from Meiling for this new release; 
The Melingista knows she doesn’t have to bare it all to be sexy and that’s why the M-Sun Dress is perfect.
These easy to wear MESH dresses are textured in fabrics hand dyed by my RL fabric designer Lisa Sarjeant who works exclusively with the RL Meling brand.
The dresses come in five sizes and have a scooped flexy bow to complete the ensemble.  Wear them to show off your sun kissed skins only a Melingista can!!!
xoxo  M
style credits:
Hair : Truth – Lana w/roots (champagne) (group gift) mesh (left) 
[LeLutka] – MOSS (blondefun) (right)
Eyes: [LeLutka] – Ellis (cloud)
Nails:  Jamman – Deluxe Fingernail V 4. 5 (fantasy 2)  *review copy
Dress: MEILING – Fire Sun Dress (left) new *review copy mesh 
                                 Macaw Sun Dress (right) new *review copy mesh
(Au Courant Style) 
 Pose: Diesel Works (on left)
LAP (on right)
diva, Gabriel, Jamman, LAQ, LeLutka, MEILING


style credits:
on Renee
Hair :  Hair: ““D!va“” -“Sora” (Cat’s eye)
Eyes: [LeLutka] – Ellis (cloud)
Nails:  Jamman – Deluxe Fingernail V 4. 4 (dots)  *review copy
Dress: MEILING – Little Perfect Dress w/ mesh skirt new *review copy
(Au Courant Style) 
 Pose: aDORKable

on Brad
Eyes: [LeLutka]Ellis (sleet)
Shirt: ::GB:: – Stripe Cotton shirt (black&red)
Pant set: ::GB:: – Boots in Cargo Pants (black)
Pose: agp
(special thanks to Brad … xx)
HOC, Jamman, LAQ, LeLutka, MEILING, oOo


About MEILING – RL designer in SL
The Trinidad-based designer is renowned for her work in fine linens and natural fabrics as well as her successful fashion lines and cutting edge runway shows.
style credits:
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * AQUARIA * (darkbrown)
Eyes: [LeLutka] – Ellis (cloud)
Dress: MEILING – Classic Shirt  (midday white) new *review copy mesh
(Au Courant Style)  
 Nails:  Jamman – Deluxe Fingernail V 4. 4 (dots)  *review copy
Boots: HOC Industries – Thigh Boots new mesh
Pose: oOo
Location: Split Screen
Diesel Works, Glow Studio, Jamman, LAQ, LeLutka, MEILING, NX-Nardcotix

le bleu…

style credits:
Hair: DURA – Boy 33  new *review copy
Eyes: [LeLutka] – Ellis (vice)
Dress: MEILING – Victoria Wrap Dress  new *review copy
(Au Courant Style)  
Hairbend: [ glow ] studio – Mint flower hairband
Nails: Jamman – Deluxe Fingernail V4.4   *review copy
Shoes: NX- Nardcotix – MANA Moshi (aqua)
 Pose: Diesel Work new
Jamman, LAQ, LeLutka, MEILING, [sYs]

one and only ….

style credits:
Hair: [LeLutka] –  WITHER hair(dark blonde)  new Mesh
Eyes: [LeLutka] – Ellis (cloud)
Dress: MEILING – Take The Tube  new *review copy
(Au Courant Style)  
Hat: [sYs] – YPOMEE (red)  new  Mesh
Nails: Deluxe Fingernail V4.2 By Jamman  *review copy
Bootie: [sYs] – DOOM boots (redstar) unisex  new
Location: Misali
diva, Finesmith, Jamman, LAQ, LeLutka, MEILING, N-core


Quote from Meiling about release of this dress:

“Meiling was one of the two Caribbean designers chosen to showcase a capsule collection on February 17 and 18, 2012 in London Fashion Week.
The first installation in SL is the M – Creme de la creme shift dress with avant-garde cone pockets and upturned collar.
This groundbreaking release which coincides with the RL LONDON Fashion Week release has NEVER happened in SL! 

style credits:

Hair: “”D!va“” – Ruri (cat’s eye) new
Eyes: [LeLutka] – Ellis (cloud)
Dress: MEILING – Creme de la creme Shift Dress  new *review copy
(Au Courant Style)  
Necklace: FINESMITH – Heartbreak (wine pearl) new
Clutch: FINESMITH CLUTCH BAG – Sequins (bordoux)  new  mesh
Nails: Deluxe Fingernail V4.2 By Jamman  new  *review copy
Shoes: N-core –  ILLUSION XtremeHeel (silver)